The Story of Spoons: Announcing the Spoons Consultancy

The Spoons Consultancy is our response to this assumed, yet undervalued, absorption of our labor.

A lot has happened this year — to say the least. In the midst of all of the chaos, we spent time reflecting on the Spoons community and the best way to serve it. After many conversations, we came up with the idea to start a consultancy for Black women as a way to take control over our careers, work experiences, and opportunities. Too often, Black women are expected to do the most for the least — in work, relationships, life. And we are expected to do this pleasantly.

The Spoons Consultancy is our response to this assumed, yet undervalued, absorption of our labor. It is a space filled with unspoken understandings, a workplace where Black women don’t have to explain our identities or how we navigate the world.

The Spoons Consultancy is a Black women-run and staffed* creative consulting firm that specializes in business development strategy, and high-impact brand launches, social campaigns and turnkey activations. Both in the office and with clients, as Black women we offer a fresh, intersectional perspective. We will keep your brand’s name relevant for all the right reasons as our teams support your projects from ideation through implementation.

In just six months, we have built a team of more than 12 consultants and have worked with clients in the social impact, digital media, entertainment and leadership development space, among others. Our teams have designed engagement strategies, managed social media rollouts, designed and developed websites, edited footage, ghostwritten keynote speeches, and created brand kits. We’ve helped clients massage project ideas and start new businesses. We’ve married the creative with the technical to help our client’s build their vision.

As we lean further into this work, we are excited to introduce our new site and consultants, and showcase our past projects. We look forward to designing the perfect team for your business and project needs. Come build with us.

*While our initial efforts were targeted at Black women and femmes, we are actively seeking to be intentionally inclusive of Black gender non-conforming people in both the composition of our consulting teams and our larger community work.